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  Would you like to lose 10 pounds in 8 weeks?

“I went from 179 lbs to 169 pounds in exactly 8 weeks!” Ron

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Join me and a group of like-minded members for 8 weeks in my one of a kind group coaching program, The 10 Pound Challenge. I’ll show you you step by step how to eat to lose 10 pounds in 8 weeks, eating REAL food!


Here’s what you’ll get in the program

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Why I created The 10 Pound Challenge


10pc 2014 pic me - beige shirtI’m on a mission to help make it simple for women to have the body, energy and health they want, by taking the guesswork out of what to eat.” With all of the nutrition information available, it can get confusing about what will work best for you, so my goal is to show you how you can eat whole, natural, real food and achieve your healthy weight loss goals. As a registered dietitian for over 13 years, working behind the scenes and on camera as the nutrition expert for the television shows The Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp and Village on a Diet, plus helping thousands of clients, I’ve learned that when it comes down to weight loss, everyone wants it to be simple. So in this program, I’ve put together my best and most simple yet effective strategies to help you get in shape.


Here’s what a few members of The 10 Pound Challenge say about the program



… A bit skeptical at first, I joined Maria’s “10 pound Challenge” in 2013 and I’ve achieved my goals as I’ve lost over 12 pounds in 9 weeks.

I truly enjoyed working through Maria’s program as it was simple, interactive, and her support was invaluable. I not only learned about healthy nutrition but was given many tools and amazing new recipes that kept it lively and fun.

I’ve followed many weight loss programs over the years but this plan has been the best as Maria always kept it personalized, fresh, flexible, challenging and fun. She is very knowledgeable, creative and above all motivating and always accessible to answer any question or provide that bit of motivation when needed. I would recommend Maria’s plan to anyone who wants to keep it simple and achieve results.

This is the best gift you could give yourself for a healthy 2014!



I lost 7 pounds...I believe the real success came from the practices I learned and have continued using. Smaller portions, less sugar and fat and better eating habits. Maria is wonderful and enthusiastic about the program. She is the best!



I went from 179 lbs to 169 lbs in exactly 8 weeks! The key, for me, was to combine the proper diet and exercise.  I followed Maria’s 10 Pound Challenge and worked out with Stella (of Stellar Personal Training) 3 times a week along with hockey once a week.  

Maria’s 10 Pound Challenge is not a short term diet, it is a lifestyle change. I am a chef by trade so it is very important to me that I still enjoy the food I am cooking and eating.  This was still possible with the flexibility built into the plan. 

In eight weeks she educates you so you have the tools to continue eating well and making the right choices even after the program is over.

It was amazing to me that after many different attempts to shed a few more pounds (Paleo diet, no carbs, wheat belly diet) most had me craving food and counting the days until it was done.

With the 10 pound challenge I found the meal plans and weekly challenges fun and exciting. Even when the first 8 weeks were up I am still easily following the same standards of exercise and meal plans…

Thanks Maria and Stella!



It was wonderful how accessible Maria was throughout the program. Warm, personable, approachable and very realistic regarding the challenges we all face surrounding food and nutrition. It was a pleasure to get to know Maria and work with her in achieving my goals. Thank you Maria



It was a pleasure to work with Maria, it was so refreshing to get new ideas and how to tackle meal plans and the combination. I find there is there is sooooooo much information out there and it’s hard to wade through it all and make sense of it all.



I loved the meal plans, and am going to continue to stick with them. I like Maria’s whole food approach…


Here’s what people who have worked with me and used my meal plans say!


Your meal plans have literally changed my life and I am SO grateful for your help. I don’t know if you know how hard a struggle it is for those of us who try to self-educate ourselves on nutrition and balanced meal plans…All the best to you and yours, you have been a blessing to me and my family – Lynda



So the weight is still coming off.  I’m bouncing between 131 and 133/134. I’m hoping I’ve kissed 135 good bye. I still haven’t bought new jeans because my old ones are fitting, but I’m super excited to buy a new pair for fall.  I can’t wait to see what size I am.  

I have a pair of old ones I wear ALL the time and the other day I was able to slip them off without unbuttoning them. I owe u so much, seriously you’ve changed and perhaps saved my life. Who knows what my health would be like in 5 to 10 years if I stayed on the path I was on. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo  – Mina



I was tired of endless diets that worked for a short period but couldn’t provide a long term solution for healthy living And as the result of that I returned back to my weight problem every time. I needed a life solution not a temporary diet for losing weight.

I got my personal diet, which I never had before. You explained to me how portion size and food combinations work together. But  most important, I got DIRECTION to a healthy life. I followed the diet you created for me and started to visit the gym every day. I got a great positive energy from our meetings.

I would recommend working with you to everybody who wants to stay healthy and in the best possible shape for the rest of the life. The best regards – Mila.


Here is what you can expect every week for 8 weeks

Launch day of the program

LIVE Coaching Webinar – Welcome & lets get started!

Plus the weekly nutrition videos will start


you will get your first nutrition plan


Week 1 – Best Tips for Managing Portions
      • The 2 groups of foods that matter the most, when it comes to portions
      • Week 1 Challenge
      • Plus you’ll get your 1st nutrition plan here – The Kick-Start Plan which includes a meal plan, grocery list and recipes
Week 2 – How to Adjust your Meal Plan
      • How to swap foods in your meal plan
      • What to do when you don’t feel like cooking
      • How to eat out on the plan
      • The Week 2 Challenge!
Week 3 – The Secret to Kicking Cravings
      • 5 tips for breaking cravings
      • 4 of my favorite snacks to satisfy the sweet tooth (for when you can’t resist)
      • The Week 3 Challenge!
Week 4 – Healthy Snacking
      • 5 key elements of an ideal snack
      • Best snacks for home, the office and to buy (when you forget to pack your snack!)
      • The Week 4 Challenge!
Week 5 – Getting off your Plateau
      • 3 strategies to get you off a plateau
      • My personal strategy and story on how I got back on track with my healthy weight loss
      • How to match your fuel to your metabolism
      • The Week 5 Challenge!
      • Plus you’ll get your 2nd nutrition plan here – The Mix + Match Plan which includes a 2nd meal plan, grocery list and new recipes
      • LIVE Coaching Webinar
Week 6 – Eating Out
      • Quiz on what to choose when eating out
      • How to avoid 300 calorie restaurant trap
      • The Week 6 Challenge!
Week 7 – How to Read a Nutrition Label
      • The 3 key areas to look on a label for weight loss
      • Misleading nutrition claims – what matters and what doesn’t
      • The Week 7 Challenge!
Week 8 – Staying Motivated
      • My 7 best tips for staying motivated
      • How to stay focused once you reach your goal
      • The Week 8 Challenge!
      • LIVE Coaching Webinar – Congratulations & stay motivated!


Bonus Videos

      • 9 Nutrition tips for healthy weight loss

Plus Downloadable Nutrition Tools

      • 2 Nutrition programs – You’ll receive the kick-start plan right when you sign up, and your 2nd program – The Mix + Match plan halfway through your program
      • 2 meal plans, grocery lists and recipes based on your personal needs for healthy weight loss. We`ll figure out what portions are right for you and give you a meal plan based on you
      • Nutrition resources and tools


 Plus you’ll also get…

Access to our private facebook page, where you will connect with other members, share success stories and tips

Weekly check-in emails with tips to help you stay focused and hold you accountable

Gluten free, vegetarian and dairy free recipes and tools


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I’m excited to work with you!

The 10 Pound Challenge is an exclusive one of a kind 8 week group coaching program

This program is interactive and fun, so get ready to lose weight and get in shape! Don’t wait, as space is limited – last time we sold out in 48 hours!


To make this risk free, if you find that my program just isn’t working for you, no problem. You get 30 days to work with me through the program, but you’ve got to do the work! I want you to be fully committed, because I will be committed to you. If you do your best and you still aren’t getting results, I’ll happily refund your money.


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The 10 Pound Challenge

30 day money back guarantee

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